Tools for Tots By Diana A. Henry

The Out of Sync Child By Carol Stock Kranowitz

The Out of Sync Child Has Fun: Activities for Kids with Sensory Processing Disorder By Carol Stock Kranowitz

Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder By Lucy Jane Miller 

I May Frustrate You, But I'm a Keeper By Ray W. Lincoln


parent training and workshops


THE staff AT Step Forward therapy ARE UNITED IN THEIR BELIEF THAT ALL CHILDREN should have the opportunity to learn.  WE CAN HELP THEM achieve success WITH the following:


Parent Training:

We feel that parents are the most important resource and support available to their child. At Step Forward Therapy we offer parent trainings on a variety of topics in order to assist parents in developing the best course of action to meet the needs of their child and family. Please feel free to contact us if you have a topic idea:

Topics we will cover but are not limited to:

  • Family dynamics, siblings with special needs
  • Bullying and how to help your child
  • Understanding your child's IEP (Individualized Educational Plan)
  • Potty Training
  • Sensory Issues and SPD/SPI
  • Intervention: When is it needed
  • Diagnostic specific workshops (ie: Autism, Down Syndrome, Chromosome deletion syndromes, etc.)
  • Unknown Genetic Disorder
  • How to manage multiple therapies
  • Living with Non-Verbal Children
  • Undiagnosed Children - where to start
  • Getting educated: know how to support your child the right way
  • Support Groups - where to find them, how to start one
  • What to expect in Middle School, High School and beyond


Step Forward Therapy is hosting a monthly special needs support group for parents.  Check out the details on our flyer or on our Facebook page.